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You’re worth spending 5 minutes on yourself a day. Before you scroll social media. Before anyone else asks you to do something. Before you get thrown into whatever the day may bring, check in with yourself.

Take time to prioritize the person you are.

This journal page will help you:

  • Identify your current emotions
  • Identify what needs you have
  • Plan on the day’s most pressing items
  • Set an intention for yourself

As you fill out these pages, I encourage you to be open and honest and not over-think it. These pages are for YOU. Nobody else needs to read them or see them, there is no right or wrong.

This affirmation journal is meant to help you on your self-discovery and healing journey. It is applicable for someone who is brand new to working on their mental health as well as anyone who has been in therapy for years. This format is actually inspired by my personal journaling. I had a therapist that suggested I spend 5-10 minutes a day checking in with myself before I connected to the outside world. Through doing that, these are the things I would focus on:

  • What emotion am I experiencing?
  • What needs do I have?
  • What needs my attention today?
  • What intention can I set for the day?
  • Anything else I want to process? 

It is simple and quick, but can be a great way to connect to yourself.

What you will receive:

1- PDF print file formatted to print on 8.5”x11” paper. Each journal contains over 135 pages

    • 100 daily pages with a different affirmation on each page
    • 25+ pages of psycho education and resources 
    • blank pages for journaling 

Pro tip: Print on cardstock for a higher quality look! Or download to your laptop and iPad so you don't have to print it at all!

The colors are not editable and may vary slightly due to monitor and printer variation. 

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Copyright Rachel Tenny, LLC 2021. This digital download is for personal use only! Any use for commercial purposes, re-selling or redistribution of this work is prohibited. 

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