Thing #15: You Deserve to Rest

A few weeks ago (let’s be honest: the last 16 months), I was burnt out. I had taken on too much and wasn’t prioritizing my own needs enough. It made me want to quit everything and “blow up my life” as my friends and I like to say.

The truth was: I didn’t want to quit everything, but I did need a break.

So what did I do? Booked a fancy spa day of course. I enjoyed the day at the spa, and even had lunch by the pool, but still felt exhausted. Which got me thinking “I rested and that didn’t even help!”

The problem was not that I did or didn’t rest, but that the type of rest I got was not the type of rest I needed. This lead me down the rabbit hole to learn and discover more about the types of rest we need and how to identify the barriers to getting rest.

During this time, my husband told me “You should make affirmations for rest!” I initially laughed, but he was right. I know that as biologically natural as rest is, we all struggle to rest.

What keeps you from feeling like you can rest?

You are not meant to exist at level 100 all of the time. Or even a majority of the time. Our brains, our bodies, they both need rest.

I am working on some affirmations and resources for rest and can’t wait to share more with you in a few weeks!

Not only do you deserve rest, but you need it, regardless of what you did or didn’t do today.


Things I Hope You Know and Never Forget is a weekly blog post and lettered graphic created by Rachel Tenny. It is my love letter to my daughter and every other little girl and woman who has ever questioned their worth.