5 Tips for Finding a Therapist

One of the most common questions I get asked online as a therapist is, "How do I find a clinician who is a good fit for me?" Having the right fit for your therapist can be a HUGE factor in what your progress and success in reaching your goals looks like. 

Here are my top 5 tips for beginning that journey!

First, up: check in with the support you feel like you need by asking these questions...

Tip #1: Ask yourself a few questions:

1. What kind of support do I need?

2. What kind of experience do I want a therapist to have?

3. Do I have insurance benefits I want to use? If not, what is my budget per session?

4. Do I want to see someone in-person, virtually, or a mix of both?

Tip #2: Check with those around you!

Ask your friends and family who go to therapy who their therapists are or who they may have seen in the past.

While I don't recommend just seeing the same therapist as your friend, it can be a good way to find providers or practices in your area. Most group practices often have multiple therapists and will work with you to find the best fit. 

Tip #3: Check in with search websites to help you find out who is available near you.

Websites and search engines like Psychology Today help you search for providers based on lots of criteria including: location, virtual/in-person sessions, areas of speciality, insurance taken, etc. You can set the parameters so only providers who meet your specific criteria come up, which eliminates a lot of the "blanket emailing" everyone you see on Google. 

Tip #4: Take providers up on their FREE consults or ask for one if you don't see it offered!

Shop around before you buy! Most providers (including myself) offer a FREE 10-15 consultation call so you can talk to them and see if you are a good fit before you commit to a session. Hold interviews or screen several to see who you are most comfortable with. 

While it can take a while to feel fully comfortable with a provider, having an interaction with them can give you an indication to their style and how they practice. 

Here are some questions you can ask during that call:

1. Do you have other clients who have a similar presenting concern as I do?

2. What is your therapeutic style?

3. What modalities do you utilize? 

4. How do you provide or offer feedback?

5. What can I expect working with you to look like?

Tip #5: Lastly, take your time! It's okay (and really normal)

Once you attend your first/intake sessions, which is a time for your therapist to get to know you and your history, you will have a better idea of what working with them will be like. 

I encourage people to go to more than one session before deciding if you want to continue with a provider. It's okay to try a few therapists before you commit to one. It's also okay to continue looking for a therapist if yours isn't a fit or isn't open to feedback.

I will write another post about that soon!

I hope these tips help you on your journey to finding a therapist who is a great fit for you! Still feeling stuck? Reach out and I am happy to help give you some feedback. 

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