Thing #8: You Are Not Unlovable

When someone tells you that they don't love you anymore, through their words or their actions, it is easy to internalize that. One of the most common core beliefs with the clients I support is "I am unlovable" or "I am not worthy of love". When we believe we are unlovable it shows up in every single other relationship or encounter we have with another person. 

You are not unlovable when:

1. people you care about don't listen to your or invalidate your experiences

2. You feel left out, left behind, forgotten about or like you don't matter

3. You feel rejected and like you are misunderstood

4. Someone tells you that you are "too much" or that they can't handle "your stuff"

5. Someone you care deeply for leaves or stops being there for you

6. You don't have a partner or don't feel connected to the partner you have.

7. Your body changes and you feel uncomfortable and like you no longe know where to find your worth.

8. You're struggling with your mental health and can barely function and engage in life with those around you.

9. Anything happens that makes you feel like you don't measure up, aren't enough, or should just give up

You are not unlovable because chose not to love you. You are still worthy of love.


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