Thing #14: Remember Your Why

I started these blogs post originally wanting to share a little reminder for my daughter each week. These reminders aren’t just for her, they are for you, and even me. They are the words I wish someone else would have shared with me at some point when I needed them most.

Sometimes I take a little hiatus, especially in moments when my anxiety is high, because I need a break. 

I wouldn’t consider myself a writer but I feel deeply connected to my own emotions when I write. It is always a cathartic experience for me and I am constantly reminded how good it feels to put my words out there and write them down.

I got into a bit of a rut where everything else seemed more pressing. But the truth is, I had forgotten my “why.” My thought was “oh nobody reads these” and “I need to focus on other things”, but then I remembered the why.

The why for these posts. The why for my business. The why for me as a human. They are all the same: help other humans feels less alone. Share my own experiences in a way that may provide support or shed some light or offer a new perspective.

It can get easy to chase things that don’t matter to the “why” we set out to find. I have to remind myself that each person who reads these words or anything else I write and create matters. I don’t need 100,000k people to see something for it to matter. 

I feel like using my blog and social media account is a way for me to show up for the folks I can’t meet with in therapy. The folks who I wish I had capacity to support but don’t. That is my why. 

What is your why? When you discover it, don’t leave it behind in search of something that may seem more appealing. I started this business because I know what it is like to struggle, to feel alone, to feel like my existence doesn’t matter and I also know what it’s like to feel like the work I am doing is the very thing I was meant for.

If you aren’t sure of your “why” yet, don’t give up on yourself.


Things I Hope You Know and Never Forget is a weekly blog post and lettered graphic created by Rachel Tenny. It is my love letter to my daughter and every other little girl and woman who has ever questioned their worth.