What does "already enough" mean?

What are the stories you've told yourself about your worth and value?

Maybe you've decided you aren't smart enough, attractive enough, or accomplished enough. If you've thought those (or a myriad of other) things about yourself, consider this your kick in the booty reminder: you are already enough.

We are bombarded with so many negative messages on a daily basis. Messages saying that we need to lose weight, have more money, be more popular in the right circles, or more accomplished in our careers in order to be happy or loved.

The affirmation of "already enough" was created to remind women (just like you!) how powerful, brave, capable, strong and talented they already are. You don't need to change your body or abilities to be more valuable. You deserve to take up space (as much as you need) and exist just as you are. In this moment in your life, you are already enough.

Why this project?

I share a lot of messages on my personal and business social media about body acceptance, because I know how many negative messages people are bombarded with daily. The #mybodyisenough project was developed in 2015 to create a way for women to share their stories about learning to accept themselves.

Promoting body acceptance and neutrality is my passion project - and its meaning for me runs deep.  While completing my counseling degree, I began worked in an eating disorder treatment center. Through my time there, I became passionate not only about working with individuals with diagnosed eating disorders, but also those people who fell on the "fringe."

Who exactly are the people who fall on the “fringe”? These are the people who have never been diagnosed with an eating disorder, but exhibit some of the symptoms: an unhealthy relationship with food and their bodies, low self-esteem, or following restrictive diets and exercise plans.

I know a lot of these women (and men too!), in fact I was one. As a teenager, I was preoccupied with how my body looked. I agonized over how to lose the "last 5 pounds," tried countless fad diets, and spent hours in the gym working out obsessively. The only thing this accomplished? Making me exhausted and also making me even more critical of my body.

Over the years I spent learning how to accept my body and have gratitude for what it enables me to do, I developed a deeply rooted passion for helping others to do the same.

How you can get involved:

  • Take time to remind those you love that they matter and have value outside of what they accomplish or look like
  • Want to help spread the message of #alreadyenough on social media? Snap a photo and write out why you're choosing to believe you are already enough. Wonderful things begin to happen in our lives when we stop feeling the need to prove our worth! (make sure you tag @rachel_tenny so we can follow along)
  • Gift and share the message of #alreadyenough with all the women if your life: girlfriends, mom, sisters, co-workers, daughters, and mentors!