Affirmations for Badass Women (who cuss a lot)


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Affirmations for Badass Women (who cuss a lot)
Affirmations for Badass Women (who cuss a lot)
Affirmations for Badass Women (who cuss a lot)

*Please note this pack of affirmations contains cuss words that may be offensive to you. If cuss words are not offensive and part of your day to day life, these are for you, honey!

The designs in this pack include the following sayings:

  • I am doing a damn good job
  • I am a badass warrior
  • I refuse to be an asshole to myself
  • I am f*cking brave and strong
  • The best shit happens outside of my comfort zone
  • I will let go of the shit that doesn't serve me
  • I will exhale the bullshit
  • Hell yes, I am enough
  • I am a f*cking masterpiece 

There are so many negative messages that we are bombarded with on a daily basis and I want the words on these affirmation cards to block out or deflect some of that negativity. 

These affirmations were created from my desire to remind women how powerful, strong, capable, and talented they already are. That they don’t need to change. They don’t need to succumb to what the world says they are. They deserve to take up space and be just as they are.

The greatest passion of my life is empowering women to embrace their weirdness, quirks, and flaws.  

This packet is designed for you. This packet is designed for your mom, your sister, your aunt, your best friend and all of the women around you. 

Each design in this pack is hand painted and digitized by Rachel Tenny and then printed digitally on 110 # Cougar paper in Columbia, SC. Each card measures 4”x4” and is the perfect size to gift to a friend or display in your car, on your mirror, or put into a frame. Each set includes 10 cards and comes in a clear bag, perfect for gifting!

Did you know the name #racheltennylovenotes came from my scrap watercolor paper?!

I am the recycling queen and hated wasting the extra pieces of paper that I trimmed from the illustrations I made. So I saved them and one day as I looked at my ever growing pile, I decided to make little notes and send them out. I painted the cards in the brightest colors I could find and then wrote encouraging words like "You are beautiful," "You are Loved," "You got this,” and "Keep Chasing Your Wildest dreams!"

That was more than 2 years ago now, and I've sent out over 500 cards of encouragement. It’s crazy to think about all the places they've gone and the moments of encouragement that have been born from what would have otherwise been trash.

Please note: Cards will ship within 3-5 business days via USPS.  Rachel Tenny is not responsible for any prints that are lost or damaged in the mail. For a full list of policies, please view the bottom of the shop page!

Be sure to tag Rachel Tenny on social media and use the hashtag #racheltennylovenotes when you share your love notes!

Affirmations for Badass Women (who cuss a lot)
Affirmations for Badass Women (who cuss a lot)
Affirmations for Badass Women (who cuss a lot)