Custom Art

I began painting as a kid and was always drawn to the brightest colors I could find! My first experience with painting watercolor was buying a $5 paint pallet at Michael’s 5 years ago on a whim. I had no idea what I was doing at first, but over the years, I have honed in both my artistic style as well as the subjects I enjoy painting.  

I currently offer the following custom painting services in order to help you capture important moments and celebrate beauty: watercolor bouquet illustrations, custom map illustrations, and both floral table linens and murals.

  • Wedding Bouquet Illustration-There is no better way to capture your biggest day (or t celebrate the wedding of a friend), than with a keepsake illustration that will last long after the bouquet wilts.                                                 Pricing for bouquet illustrations begins at $125
  • Custom Maps-While I offer a variety of college and city maps in my shop, I am happy to create one just for you! These maps are 8"x10" and include 506 landmarks of your choosing. The landmarks can be based on a university, city, or place you've travelled.                                                       Pricing for custom maps begins at $150
  • Table Linens-Looking for a beautiful table line for a special event or wedding? I have you covered! Florals are my favorite subject and I love bringing them to life and creating a keepsake that can last past your special day!                                                                                                          Pricing for custom linens begins at $400
  • Floral Murals-I really did mean it when I said florals are my favorite! I'll pain them anywhere, even on your walls...think nursery or even a home office. Pricing for custom floral murals begins at $750 and is dependent upon both the size of the project and location. Travel fees will be charged as needed