Affirmations have the power to change our thoughts over time. While it may seem foreign at first we can retrain our brains to have more neutral or positive thoughts. 

Our affirmation sets were created to help you do just that! Each set focuses on a specific theme or person. They are created to help you begin to prioritize your mental well-being. 

When I started my business in 2014, I originally began painting custom portraits (think family photos, pets, houses) and I often trimmed the edges off of them. I hate to throw things away and so I started to keep piles of the edges. One day I decided to do a quick job watercolor wash on them and jot down a little reminder...usually something like “you are loved” or “you matter” or “believe in yourself”.
  • Those little "love notes", as I began to call them, would make their way into packages and be a little surprise for the recipient when they opened their order. At the same time, I was working at my first job in an eating disorder treatment center and would work with clients to make similar notes for the mirrors in the communal bathrooms on sticky notes. Nothing fancy, just reminders that they had value and their needs mattered. That they were enough.
  • The more I shared, the more I realized that every single human being needs to be reminded of these things, because it's really hard not to get stuck in negative thought patterns. I know I can’t show up as a therapist for each of you, but this felt like a tangible thing I could create that would share the messages and affirmations I encourage clients I work with to practice.
There are now 30+ sets. Each one includes 10 affirmations with my hand lettering and art on them. When I wrote these words on them, I thought of you. The person who feels unlovable. Or anxious. Or struggling with boundaries. Or feeling like an imposter. So much love and so much of myself goes into them.


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