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This exclusive collaboration between Rachel Tenny & Pretty Honest Candles was created to help you embrace your Enneagram type and identify how to get your emotional needs met as a result.
We are really into exploring emotions, so let’s do it!
This collab includes:
1. Candle from Pretty Honest Candles
  • 6 oz candle, all natural soy wax
  • 30+ hour burn time
  • Each label contains an affirmation designed to support your Enneagram type

Scent profile: 

Top: Nectarine, Mandarin, Peach, Yuzu, Lime

Mid: Lily, Lilac, Honeysuckle, Jasmine

Base: Sandalwood, Musk

2.  Enneagram Mini Print by Rachel Tenny
  • Printed on 110# Cougar paper, which makes them beautiful and durable (and the perfect size to frame!)
  • Prints contain 10 affirmations designed to support your Enneagram type
  • Each print is 5”x7” and comes packaged in a clear bag

Select from the following: 

1. Reformer-Candle affirmation: I can show up imperfectly

2. Helper-Candle affirmation: I don’t have to earn love

3. Achiever-Candle affirmation: I am worthy, just as I am

4. Individualist-Candle affirmation: My needs matter, my emotions are valid

5. Investigator-Candle affirmation: I accept myself in this moment

6. Loyalist Candle affirmation: My commitment is my strength

7. Enthusiast Candle affirmation: I allow space for creativity

8. Challenger Candle affirmation: No one is me and that is my superpower

9. Peacemaker Candle affirmation: I will not avoid conflict at my own expense

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