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A reminder of your worth you can add to your favorite journal, planner, or on snail mail!

This sticker sheet include 35 stickers lettered with our most popular affirmations and reminders! Each sticker measures 1”x1” and is written in Rachel’s hand lettering.

This set includes the following reminders:

1. You’re brave, capable, strong, worthy, loved, and so much more than enough

2. I will make time to pursue time to pursue the things I am passionate about

3. You’re not obligated to prove your worth

4. You are enough, just as you are

5. I give myself permissions to make mistakes

6. Choosing yourself isn’t selfish

7. It’s okay to set boundaries

8. No matter what anyone says your worth isn’t tied to what you accomplish or achieve

9. I am secure with who I am

10. Your worth doesn’t change based on what you do, what others think of you or what you look like

11. I am worthy, just as I am

12. Peace starts within me

13. Sometimes resting is the most productive thing for me to do

14. I will find beautify in the everyday moments

15. I am doing my best

16. Taking care of yourself is both kind and necessary

17. You are worthy of love and a life that feels meaningful

18. Accepting who you are in this moment is both revolutionary and the most kind way you can show up for yourself today

19. Doing your best is enough

20. Your needs matter, your emotions are valid

21. I will give myself permission to feel my emotions

22. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone

23. I trust that I can meet my own needs

25. You are the only person you need to be enough for

26. You deserve to take up all the space you need, physically and emotionally 

27. Show up today as the person you needed when you were younger

28. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone else

29. I set boundaries to protect my well-being

30. What I do and who I am makes a difference

31. I am brave, capable, strong, worthy, loved, and enough

32. You are powerful and your voice matters

33. You’re a human being, not a human doing

34. No one is you and that is your super power

35. I am resilient

Is this a gift? If you’re sending this to someone as a gift, we are happy to send a gift note (at no extra charge) so your recipient knows that it’s from you. Please email with your message and order #.

Shipping: All sticker sheets are mailed in a clear bag with a cute belly band. Stickers will ship within 3-5 business days via USPS. Rachel Tenny is not responsible for any packages that are lost or damaged in the mail. For a full list of policies, please view the bottom of the shop page!

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