What is Hypoarousal?

Understanding your nervous system! Hypoarousal is the space below our Window of Tolerance. (Not sure what I am talking about? Refer back to my graphic on the WoT)

Do you notice yourself experiencing Hypoarousal? What are the symptoms or signs you notice?

1. Hypoarousal is known as "shutdown" or "collapse". It is triggered by feeling threatened, recounting traumatic memories, or feeling emotions associated with past trauma. 

2. Symptoms of hypoarousal include: depression, numbness, emptiness, not able to move, blank stare, inability to speak, dissociation.

3. When in this state the world is overwhelming, people are too much and the feeling of being withdrawn, collapses, hopeless and fatigued is present. 

4. Some common issues can be:

  • Withdrawn from relationships
  • Using food or alcohol to cope
  • Unable to perform daily tasks
  • Depression, intrusive or suicidal thoughts
  • Feeling hopeless and unmotivated
  • Sleeping too much or insomnia