What are Values-Based Goals?

What is a values-based goal?

  • A goal is an idea or something you want to work towards in the future.
  • Our values serve as our compass and our goals are check points to make sure we are heading in the direction we want to be.
  • A values-based goal is a goal that you feel obligated to set or don't actually feel like aligns with what matters most to you. (Ex. Make more money if that doesn't support your physical well-being OR losing weight because someone has bullied you into it.)
  • When a goal is aligned with our values, we are more likely to accomplish or stuck to it.
  • Unlike a resolution, values-based goals are not based in a quick fix or guilt and shame, meaning there is less pressure if we don't "meet the goal."
  • Keep in mind that smaller task related goals may not feel values based and that's okay... they are just smaller pieces of the puzzle. Not every goal will be a values-based goal.